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Phillip is a storyboard artist from Burbank, California. He is currently working on Nickelodon's animated series Pig Goat Banana Cricket. A graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design Master's program, Phillip has contributed to several publications including the Uglydolls Graphic Novels, as well as Boom! Studio's Regular Show and Adventure Time titles.

Professional ​ Info​

Storyboard Artist- Nickelodeon Animation Studios
Storyboard artist for Pig Goat Banana Cricket, as well as various other pilots and pitches for the Development team. Projects entailed thumbs, verbal pitching, cleanup, and inbetweening. 
Comic Illustrator- Adventure Time Comic Series
KaBoom! Studios
Published in the Adventure Time comic series, this project entailed two full-color short stories featuring the ​characters from Cartoon Network's hit tv show. 
Comic Illustrator- Uglydolls Graphic Novel Series
Viz Media



Work for the Uglydolls series spanned 4 separate books, each following a different theme. Collectively over 95 pages were done for this series. Characters were to be drawn on model in accordance with the franchise's toy line and artistic guidelines. 



Cover A Illustrator- Regular Show Comic Series
KaBoom! Studios



As the Cover A "on model" cover illustrator, this job involved creating illustrations that closely embodied the style of Regular Show and its characters. Final work was done in full color.




Work​ Experience



Storyboard Pro


Adobe Suite products

Microsoft Office

Wacom products


Character, Environment,

and Asset Design

Concept Illustration

Digital Painting


Comic Illustration


Master of Fine Arts
The Savannah College of Art and Design



Desiring to take his work to a higher level of refinement, Phillip decided to attend graduate school at the Savannah College of Art and Design. During this time he was involved in three student anthologies and became a teacher's assistant for two quarters, in addition to publishing my thesis on shape language in character design. Phillip graduated Suma Cum Laude and was a recipient of the Outstanding Student Achievement award.



Bachelor of Fine Arts
The Savannah College of Art and Design



Phillip's undergraduate studies at the Savannah College of Art and Design focused primarily on sequential art and the study of image-based storytelling. During this time he discovered a fondness for children's literature and graphic novels. Phillip graduated Magna Cum Laude after self-publishing his original short series Battle Mammals. 



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